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released August 26, 2018

FLXWXRS are ....

Juan José Peralta - Guitar , Vocals
Pablo Jiménez - Bass
Alvaro Leon - Drums

Produced By Juan Antonio Campaña and FLXWXRS

Mixed By Juan Antonio Campaña

Recorded In Roswell Studios

All the songs are written by flxwxrs


all rights reserved



Flxwxrs Seville, Spain

Power-Trio playing for the kids.

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Track Name: Start From Scratch
Get it or leave it out of a spaceship falling down turn your back, ignore it all. A letter from your boss: the same thing overall meet me off the wall.

I like your bold hair and the way you comb it, but one day it will be so mad. So what the hell is going on with the lyrics of this song?

Become busy, not so easy, but you only have to get a fondness or a responsibility. I’m not searching for an employment to waste my time, I want to dilate my wings and fly through other sky.

What happens now? It has blown out! But these words don’t make sense, I insist. A broken clock strikes fine twice: once at day and once at night. Let me in.

Faint me like a tire, break this long desire. Make this happen like the story you told her: make it disappear.

So shut me up. Scratch me and then talk.
Track Name: When You're Gone
Today i wake up and i can't open my eyes
but i wanted to see you
The wind blows in the wrong way i arrived
so i started to remember ......
Then i falling down in sorrow ,
again and again

The weight of your absence is killing me
what is that i feel so into me?
Now im alone but until she's gone
in gonna say her "i need you"

In every piece of mind you trapped me between your time
Your legs are around my neck and i cant find the rime

Mayvbe i deserve another chance to get away
to clean my hands in sin x2
Track Name: Insomnia
When i always turn the lights , satisfaction is inside
when the book is ended
my mind reprentless tell me stories of my life
Then i go there to far, then ..
all my thoughts falling away
when i try to wake up
all ends up
,in a loop going insane

And i can't run or hide
I have to deal with time...

Where you're thinking of me ?
i've been trying to sleep
all the thoughts and the thieves
runing out to my feels
If tomorrow's hit me
ill be there to fix in
the problems and the sheets
whatever makes i can believe in me ...

She's flying through the skyes,
she's looking to my eyes,
she is waiting to be mine

Yeah , right.....
But im the foolish bird she's ever seen
i can fly but im not free
the wings they left me
the tears you bring me
The paint in the wall of our heart

I can't run or hide
This its just my life

Say that we dont know
Say that we dont go
Say that we dont fall oohhhh no
Track Name: Young Blood
The sky turns black but we were shining
all was love behind the lightnings
Do you Remember those glances we shared?
We knew this would end up in bed
Your lips are red and your hair too
Our minds begin to bloom
so honey let me know if this story will start soon

Oh Young Blood, where do you go at night?
I know we are passing now through the line
You know tommorrow will be allright
If we are together ,with no changes of weather ,
together we are , so much fucking better
with no bad suprises..... anymore

Listening to Black Treacle ,
smoking cigarettes with shots.
The parking lot is not our war ,
but we can make love if you want.
In every bush in the downtown ,
in every dream that we begun
when we were younger..
sinners without problems .

Oh ,Young Blood

Oh Young Blood, where do you go at night
I know we are passing now through the line
She know's tommorrow will be allright
If we are together ,with no changes of weather ,
learning to fly is so much fucking better
with no bad suprises..... anymore

Smiling , joking , laughing but
someday you will not understand
Down this river we will find
another sight in the same time
Painting your body on a wall
Every time i see the line i fall apart and
i think i can't get up this time

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